Vietnam Fair Automechanika


欢乐升级最新版本版本 Liangshan zhongxing machinery manufacturing co., ltd. will attend the Frankfurt auto parts exhibition in ho chi minh city from February 28 to March 2, 2019. Exhibitors from all over the world gather here and the exhibition is in the progressing .



During the exhibition, many customers visited our samples and raised many questions. The staff of Liangshan Zhongxing Machinery timely answered and solved every question raised by customers, and introduced the product features and production technology of our factory. The customer is very satisfied with the quality of our products, and shows a high intention of cooperation, want to further understand our company's philosophy and product quality control. We also show a high degree of sincerity, to provide customers with all aspects of demand, in order to achieve customer demand and purpose, achieve win-win cooperation.



Finally, Liangshan Zhongxing Machinery Manufacturing Co., ltd. will take the high quality and thoughtful service as the concept, as far as possible to achieve customer demand for products, in order to long-term cooperation.。


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